Just a couple of months after launching, the new ReSource Pro website has already generated more than 40 quality leads, as well as winning 1st place in the AAMGA Marketing and Communications Awards for Business Services Member Category Website!

Shine stood out with their strategic, results-driven approach. Their understanding of the domain, impeccable service and valuable insight allowed us to achieve results that well-exceeded the expectations of our global organization. Shine is helping us leverage the power of digital to support lead, demand, and engagement generation, which has been measurably valuable.

Nikki Jason, VP, Global Marketing & Communications, ReSource Pro

The Challenge

Listed as one of Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies, New York-based firm ReSource Pro is renowned for its unique productivity platform for insurance operations.

ReSource Pro approached us to build them a strong digital presence that will effectively engage the traditional insurance market with the company’s forward thinking solutions. The new website needed to align with the company’s new positioning, as well as serve Sales and HR as an effective tool for generating quality leads and hiring new employees.

A screenshot of ReSource Pro’s old home page

The New Look

With multiple responsive page templates, ReSource Pro’s new website design is based on the company’s distinct brand attributes, such as choice of fonts, colors, icons and B&W imagery. The new design offers an up-to-date look & feel that can engage insurance executives who have a more traditional approach and aren’t necessarily tech savvy.

Digital Brand Positioning

The company’s new holistic approach is comprised of four main business practices that address process, strategy, people and analytics. Each one has been assigned a distinguishing color and set of icons, and is presented respectively throughout the website as well as in the extensive mega menu.

Marketing Automation

Prominent Call to Actions (CTA’s) embedded throughout the new website have been integrated with Salesforce’s Pardot – enabling Marketing and Sales generate and nurture leads, accelerate pipeline, and measure marketing ROI.

Increasing Traffic

With over 200 different tags, multiple 404 not found errors and outdated posts, the old ReSource Pro blog underwent a complete overhaul. Now, with optimized content for better SEO, the blog is being utilized to increase traffic and generate quality leads.

Maximizing Conversions

We work closely with ReSource Pro’s global teams to maximize lead conversion via keyword research and strategy, optimize site content for better SEO, improve bounce rate and user experience (UX) via A/B testing, and optimize the website and blog code for W3C and major search engines.

Our Services Provided

– Digital Strategy
– Planning UI/UX Design
– Responsive Web Design
– Custom-Made WP Backend System Development
– Salesforce’s Pardot B2B Marketing Automation Tool Integration
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Conversion optimization
– Reporting, Metrics & Analytics

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